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Hurling into 2020 (and beyond)

Babanango Game Reserve in Zululand is a new 20000 hectare Big Five reserve that is currently being stocked a collaboration between African Habitat Conservancy and the local community. First to open in 2020 will be Zulu Rock’s bungalows and four star Valley Lodge; future plans include a five star lodge and a tented camp.

Major upgrades for KZN lodge

Zulu Rock Lodge in KwaZulu Natal is undergoing upgrades to its rooms and facilities, and a new wedding venue and conference venue are being built, due to be completed by the end of the year. The existing three-star-graded self-catering units are being upgraded and four new two-sleeper units are being built – one of which […]

Alien plants the root of job creation in Babanango

In January this year, alien plants took on a useful role for the Babanango community in northern KwaZulu Natal. Invasive alien plants in the area are a major threat to biodiversity in catchments, potentially disrupting the delicate natural balance in ecosystems. Since Zulu Rock Game Lodge and Babanango Outdoor Education (BOE) came under new management […]