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African Habitat Conservancy works closely with community trusts in rural areas in true partnerships for the benefit of all. Not only do the company’s activities uplift the local community through job creation and skills development, but other opportunities exist to sow back into the community.

The African Habitat Conservancy Foundation aims to address the dearth of educational, training, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in the Emcakwini Community which surrounds Babanango Game Reserve, AHC’s first conservation and tourism development.

Over and above the income-generating opportunities created by the establishment of the reserve, the AHC Foundation will support the upliftment of the community through the funding of selected projects such as schools, infrastructure, agricultural initiatives and other ventures that give back to the community as a whole.

“By helping groups of people start businesses, we are encouraging the community to support themselves. Looking to the future, the AHC Foundation’s most important gift to our community is the support of our schools, our infrastructure and awarding education bursaries. People are already seeing the tangible benefits of the Babanango Game Reserve development to the Emcakwini Community.” – Eric Buthelezi, Spokesperson for AHC Foundation

“We want the AHC collection and any hospitality offering and property associated with our name to have a meaningful link and partnership with the local community. We want to create sustainable solutions that in some way give back and empower local communities in need.” – Jeffrey van Staden, Director of African Habitat Conservancy