The African Habitat Conservancy Team

African Habitat Conservancy is led by an experienced team with a deep passion for conservation and economic development. Through the company’s various projects, 110 new jobs have been created, 90 of which have been filled by local residents. At least another 150 new permanent posts will be filled from the community.

Jeff from African Habitat Conservancy

Jeffrey van Staden

“Through our operations, we have the opportunity to build a business from the ground up. Not just any business though, but a business that makes a meaningful impact on human lives via the conservation of endangered species. Together we’re creating a world-class game reserve and bettering the lives of the neighbouring impoverished community.”

“AHC has committed to funding training programmes to enable the upskilling of labour in hospitality and reserve management, which will not only elevate individuals but also inspire the greater community to further their prospects.”

Andrew from African Habitat Conservancy

Andrew Mc Gill
Product Manager

“I’ve worked in tourism and economic development consulting for 13 years in KwaZulu-Natal. Hospitality adds such value to the economy, especially its ability to spread development to rural areas and improve people’s lives. African Habitat Conservancy is a visionary company which has allowed me the freedom to experiment and develop world-class products which pursue sustainable development and protect our limited resources.”

Rene from African Habitat Conservancy

Rene Galtrey
Executive Secretary

“I love the people I work with, and particularly the fulfilment I get from knowing we are contributing so hugely to improving lives for the less fortunate in the communities surrounding Babanango.”

Kevin from African Habitat Conservancy

Kevin Armugam
Creditors & Debtors Clerk

“If we are to look at the bigger picture of what AHC stands for, which is conservation, it rests well in my soul to know that I’m contributing in a small way to the conservation of wildlife. This means that future generations will have an opportunity to experience this through our efforts.”

Tracy from African Habitat Conservancy

Tracy Tilbury
Marketing, Retail & Sales Assistant

“Our business makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger. My vision for African Habitat Conservancy is to upskill our local communities and give back to them, all whilst giving our guests amazing experiences.”