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About African Habitat Conservancy

African Habitat Conservancy is a conservation management company focusing on game reserve conservation as well as the rehabilitation of both flora and fauna endemic to the areas in which the company operates.

Founded by Barbara and Hellmuth Weisser, German investors with a great passion for Africa and conservation, and Jeffrey van Staden, South African owner of a German-based African tour operating company, African Habitat Conservancy was born of a vision to support the conservation of African wildlife by making a substantial investment in one of the most picturesque – but economically neglected – parts of KwaZulu-Natal.

African Habitat Conservancy works closely with various community trusts, most notably the Emcakwini Community Trust (ECT) in the Babanango region in Zululand, as well as state bodies such as KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife, which manages and stewards conservation in KwaZulu-Natal province. This work is forming a blueprint for how land reclamation in South Africa can genuinely benefit local communities which partner with government and the private sector in conservation initiatives. African Habitat Conservancy promises to ensure the sustainability of all conservation projects, the upliftment and education of communities, and collaboration with all significant parties for the greater good of humanity, wildlife and our planet.

By delivering unique, innovative experiences to the tourist market that offer excellent value for money, the company aims to create a sustainable business model that will encourage future projects which make a difference in Africa.

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Our Values

Mindful Development

Sustainable conservation and support of natural systems alongside restorations of endemic species and eco-systems.

Respect for All

Upliftment of local communities through job creation and development of skills, respect and growth for all staff.

Walk with purpose

Collaboration with global industry partners for the greater good of humanity, wildlife and our planet.

Leave a legacy

Through education and investment in both our staff and surrounding communities, to leave a legacy for future generations to learn about the history of our projects and ensure a positive future for all those impacted.

Leaders of our game

Develop and create innovative world class hospitality teams and profitable eco-friendly destinations.

The AHC Foundation

“We want the AHC collection and any hospitality offering and property associated with our name to have a meaningful link and partnership with the local community. We want to create sustainable solutions that in some way give back and empower local communities in need. The profit part of Corporate Social Responsibility is often neglected. If we’re doing good, we must also be profitable in order for the community to benefit and conservation to take place.” – Jeffrey van Staden, Director of African Habitat Conservancy